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School Subscription for 2017/18

*Pre-order for the 2017/18 school year*

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Thanks for joining MyBOBTeam.com! Membership is available to NC Media Specialists and BOB coaches.


ELEMENTARY - $125.00 per year
MIDDLE SCHOOL - $175.00 per year

A subscription to MyBOBTeam includes 1 coach account and 6 student accounts.
Subscriptions ordered before August 31 receive 6 extra student accounts free!
($30 value)

Additional student accounts may be purchased for $5.00 each.
Please fill in the following information and press the SUBMIT button. Once your information is submitted, you will receive an invoice by email. Please use this invoice to mail your payment. (Payment by credit card is available if preferred.)
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Subscriber Agreement: I agree to use the MyBOBTeam website (www.mybobteam.com) for my school only. I understand that sharing userids and passwords with non-members is prohibited and will result in immediate revocation of my subscription without refund.

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